How to get rid of GOUT

How to get rid of GOUT

goutCoffee still plays a big role even today when four people meet, this drink has much more to offer than many people think. The latest revelation is that Coffee may cut risk of GOUT. And if men ever needed a reason to justify an extra cup of coffee, here it is:- four or more cups a day appear to reduce the risk of Gout, Canadian researchers said recently.

Gout is a painful joint disorder caused by a build up of Uric acid in the blood. In the past, patients suffering from Gout were asked to avoid Coffee.

A study based on a survey of 50000 men aged 40 to 75 with no history of gout was undertaken. Men were asked to drink coffee. There were men who drank decaffeinated coffee also. They also were benefitted , the researchers said, but tea appeared to have no effect. The researchers found significantly low levels of Uric acid in the blood of those who consumed large quantitities of coffee. Uric acid is the compound that caused gout.

The findings appeared to suggest that something in the coffee other than caffeine — such as a strong antioxident– may be helping to reduce the uric acid levels.

So, if you are drinking coffee already and have gout or are at a higher risk of developing gout, there is no need to reduce or stop coffee consumption.

Source: Reuters News.

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  1. I am 70 yrs old, and am suffering from sever gout. This article has helped me to realize a few things that I felt I had ignored, Thanks a lot for this article Mr.Sundaram. Looking forward to read more form you. Thanks.

  2. GOUT. More information for Pain relief.

    Summarised below are the dos and don’ts from a panel of experts/advisers to cope with Gout.

    During an acute attack of Gout, keep the affected joint elevated and rest. Of course it may be difficult to do that, because most patients can’t bear the pain, even the weight of a bed sheet on the tender joint. But do try.
    The pain is caused by the inflammation around the affected joint. So a pain killer which can reduce inflammation like Ibuprofen will be suitable.Consul your doctor if there is no relief.
    Do not take Aspirin. It can make gout worse by inhibiting excretion of Uric acid.
    If the affected area is not tender to touch, try applying crushed ice pack for 10 minute and repeat.
    Drink a lot of water to flush excess Uric acid, Say five to six glasses of water.Lot of intake of water may also help discourage Kidney stones that gout paients are prone to. Herbal teas such as Tulsi tea, sarsapiralla tea can also be taken ocassioally in place of water.
    Forget Alcohol. It can increase Uric acid in your system. Beer is most undesirable. This does not mean that you can take wine and other spirits. Avoid totally all alcoholic drinks..
    If one has high BP in addition to gout ,he is in double trouble, because certain drugs for lowering your bP such as diuretics, actually raise uric acid levels.
    Try exercising, decrease sodium intake, lose execss weight if you have
    if one is overwight or obese, slimming down is imperative. Heavy people tend to have high uric acid levels.
    Stay away from junk foods, fad diets. Such items including fasting cause cells to break down and release uric acid. Discuss with your doctor for a gradual weight loss programme.
    Dot not take vitamin tablets without consulting your doctor. Because too many of certain nutrients can make gout worse.For vitamin intake always consult a doctor.
    There is always a tendecy for gout for some unknown reasons to strike a joint that has been previously traumatised. So be careful. Do not injure yoursekf . Do not wear tight shoes which can predispose your joints to minor injury.. .

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