Foods that affect your sleep

Foods that affect your sleep

woman_stress_worry_sleep_problems_insomnia“Oh! I am so tired, I didn’t sleep well last night. I don’t
even remember when was it last time that I slept like a log.”

Are you unable to get a good-night’s sleep? You are not the only one, there are many others who find it difficult to get a sound and fitful sleep. Sometimes it is the food and drink that we take affects that our sleep. Check out below if any of this might help you overcome your problem.

The type of foods we consume has an affect on our sleep.

1. The brain needs to be calm and not activated to get a restful sleep. Foods containing high amount of fat and spice spikes the metabolism, activates the brain and keeps you awake with gifts of heart-burn and acidity.

2.Carbohydrate containing foods make tryptophan available to the brain. Foods rich in tryptophan (an aminoacid) have a stellar reputation with sleep, as it promotes the production of sleep hormone, melatonin. Therefore an ideal dinner or night time snack should be carbohydrate based with moderate protein for an undisturbed sleep. Many foods like cereals in milk, dairy products, soy products, almonds, banana, oatmeal, whole grain cereals come under this category.

3.A popular grandma’s oldest and best home remedy is warm milk with a teaspoon of honey that may work wonders, as milk acts like a sedative.

4.Caffeine containing foods like coffee, chocolate and cocoa are stimulants known to activate the brain cells. To sleep better, such drinks need to be reduced or eliminated completely.

5.Eating sweets, pastries, cookies and other sugary foods in the night peps up the blood glucose levels, thus activating the brain. An ideal bedtime snack would be to eat fruits which take longer to digest.

6.Avoid alcohol. While sleeping, the body goes through different stages of sleep, the most important being the deeper stages which are the most healing. Alcohol may help a person sleep but prevents such restorative sleeping.

7.H. K. Bakhru, an expert naturopath in his book ‘Home remedies for common ailments’ suggest the intake of lettuce juice for the cure of insomnia, as lettuce contains a sleep inducing substance called ‘lectucarium’.

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