Facts and Consequences of not having Breakfast

Facts and Consequences of not having Breakfast

breakfastBreakfast tends to have the least priority these days in the daily chores of a family. Missing out of this essential morning meal will certainly hinder the growth of children in the family as also other elder members of their health gradually.

Skipping breakfast is becoming a common trait among modern urban families everywhere. Why is it so?. Mom and dad have to rush to their work places on time.  Children and adolescents are tied up with strict regimen at their schools and colleges and also to an extent at home. This is one  reason why breakfast is becoming less important day by day.

Another reason may be the result of eating a full and heavy meal late at night the previous day.  And the  next day morning one won't feel like having breakfast. To avoid all these, one should plan his/her night meal a little early. Do not eat anything after dinner. When the gap between dinner and the morning breakfast is more, one will definitely be hungry next day morning to have his breakfast.

There is no set pattern for breakfast as such. It is said that breakfast should approximately meet one-third of your daily nutrient requirement. Both the regularity and quality of what is prepared are important. A simple breakfast can be of cereal preparation, pulse/milk and fruits, which very well provides good amount of carbohydrates and fats for energy, protein,  minerals like calcium and iron and vitamins like B6, riboflavin and folate for the body.

You need not have the traditional breakfast foods. Be simple  These are days when the food is costly. You cannot also throw away the leftover food if any, you have. They should not be wasted. store them properly,  so that they do not get spoiled in the following  few hours of its preservation.  Also make use of them breakfast the next day. As stated earlier even some sandwiches and cereal prepararations will do good for breakfast. In short any healthy and safe food will be fine. One thing to remember: Caffeine from coffee can mask your hunger. So try milk, fruit juices or buttermilk along with breakfast.

Consequences of Not Eating a Healthy Breakfast

By not eating a healthy breakfast, you cheat yourself all day. Several detrimental consequences affect your work performance and ability to focus. This is in addition to consequences that affect your health.

Work-related Effects of Not Eating a Healthy Breakfast

  • Tiredness or likelihood of experiencing fatigue early in the day
  • Inability to focus on tasks
  • Decreased alertness through out the day
  • Less memory capacity
  • Higher chance of irritability or restlessness

Health-related Effects of Not Eating a Healthy Breakfast

  • Greater chance of weight gain due to unhealthy snacking
  • Higher risk of developing diabetes
  • Increased possibility of high cholesterol
  • Higher potential for high blood pressure

It is everybody's wish to eat a good breakfast. Take necessary steps to eat right. Always have  a good  breakfast, and never skip it.

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  1. In most of the metro cities it is observed that reason for skipping breakfast is rushing to work too early and lack of time. The solution is to develop a strategy to pack and carry a good home made breakfast or even may be a fruit and enjoy it either on way else eat at one’s work station. I have tried it and it works.

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