Effects of Energy Drinks like RED BULL!!!

red bullCoffee offers caffeine but in a bitter form, not cold and refreshing. Soft drinks are refreshing and thirst quenching but offers no benefits.
Energy drinks combine the fizz of soft drinks with the buzz of caffeine.

Energy drinks are a solid jolt of caffeine blended with a handful of other ingredients. one 8.3 0Z can has 2-3 times more caffeine than a 12 OZ can of soda. Worldwide, energy drinks target the modern-day youth who are educated, vigorous and well-paid.
Red bull — the most popular energy drinks sold in more than 100 countries — sells close to 2 billion cans a year. Variations of this drink with Vodka, tequila and champagne are also available.
Caffeinated energy drinks come with labels warning that the drinks are unsuitable for children, pregnant women, and people sensitive to caffeine. They should not be consumed during sports or exercises.

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