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  1. daina
    January 19, 2010

    thank you for your post on the effects of coffee. i have had terrible stomach pain-its gas pains-and im trying to figuire out wat is causing the gas. i have changed my diet to mostly friuts and vegetables. i eat salad once or twicw a day. but i also just got a nespresso coffee maker and have been drinking more than two small cups a day. is it the coffee or the salads or both? should i change my diet or get some medication like beano to counter act the gas?
    would appreciate your comments. thank you:)

  2. Michael
    February 3, 2010

    Thank you also for your post on Coffee. I have recently taken a full time job in an office. Every morning at 9:00am includes a coffee run. I would drink half decaf, 16oz each day. After reading other sites, I was sure that drinking decaf would save me from the effects of caffeine.

    After 2 months of this I noticed that I had a lot of gas. A lot. I am vegetarian, so I thought that this might the problem, even though I have never produced as much gas.

    At Christmas I caught a cold. I kept drinking coffee. I did not get better. The cold infected my lungs. Still after 6 weeks I did not get better. After seeing a doctor I was given antibiotics to clear up the pneumonia that was starting. Still I kept drinking coffee, assured by my doctor that it was fine.

    2 weeks after I was given a prescription for more antibiotics, since the first round did nothing. While waiting for my prescription to be filled I thought I would check my blood pressure. Since I run marathon distances, don’t smoke or drink and am in very good physical condition I assumed it would be fine. There is no history of high blood pressure in my family. My bp was 158/88!

    The next day I left work and quit coffee. The headaches over the next 3 days were intense.

    I have been off coffee for 1 week now. My gas problem is gone, my blood pressure is lower (but still has a way to go) and the headaches are gone.

    Am I right to assume that coffee could have this effect on me? Between the acidity and the caffeine I believe that coffee has played a large part in my illness.

    Can you comment on what I have said. And if you could, also suggest another “social drink” that I could have in the mornings. I still want to take part in the social aspect of going for coffee.

    Thank you.

    • Sanjana Shenoy
      Sanjana – Dietitian
      February 3, 2010

      Hi Michael,
      It is quite okay to stick to decaf and 16oz is really too much. You dont need to completely quit drinking coffee just cut it down. For your blood pressure to be high, you may be stressed. So I suggest take adequate rest and relax.
      I suggest you switch over to herbal teas. You can keep tea bags in your desk and all you need is hot water to dunk the tea bags. So you can still be in the social circle. Green tea and other keep you more healthier and strengthen your immunity

      • Chirag
        November 13, 2010

        I like to have cold coffe mostly but only when i am tired and stressed
        And I prefer to drink hot coffee 2 cups a day in winter when I feel cold
        So is it still much harm full
        How much coffee should we drink in a day or in a week for being in normal health?

      • Sanjana Shenoy
        Sanjana – Dietitian
        November 16, 2010


        2 cups of coffee per day will do to beat the heat. It can be undesirable if you exceed more than this quantity.

    March 4, 2010


    Coffee still plays a big role even today when four people meet, and as mentioned in the above article, this drink has much more to offer than many people think. The latest revelation is that Coffee may cut risk of GOUT. And if men ever needed a reason to justify an extra cup of coffee, here it is:- four or more cups a day appear to reduce the risk of Gout, Canadian researchers said recently.

    Gout is a painful joint disorder caused by a build up of Uric acid in the blood. In the past, patients suffering from Gout were asked to avoid Coffee.

    A study based on a survey of 50000 men aged 40 to 75 with no history of gout was undertaken. Men were asked to drink coffee. There were men who drank decaffeinated coffee also. They also were benefitted , the researchers said, but tea appeared to have no effect. The researchers found significantly low levels of Uric acid in the blood of those who consumed large quantitities of coffee. Uric acid is the compound that caused gout.

    The findings appeared to suggest that something in the coffee other than caffeine — such as a strong antioxident– may be helping to reduce the uric acid levels.

    So, if you are drinking coffee already and have gout or are at a higher risk of developing gout, there is no need to reduce or stop coffee consumption. Reuters News.

  4. gulshan
    July 8, 2010

    Well I found this on Digg, and I like it so I dugg it!

  5. Arlene
    March 24, 2012

    If i take beano before i drink my decaf coffee will that help. i do suffer from gas pain every so often.

  6. niki
    September 6, 2012

    How about dark tea? I’m starting to realize that some of my health issues are coffee related and would be willing to switch to dark tea (hate green tea-gives me gas). Is Tea the same as coffee in pro and cons? Also. Ive noticed that coffee drinkers (myself in particular) are less thirsty…but we are more dehydrated)…How ironic.

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