Benefits of Gulkand

Benefits of Gulkand

It is news to hear from Shri. Govind Gadiyar’s Comments on Kitchen Remedies for acidity that Gulkand is a good remedy for Acidity. We are grateful to Shri. Gadiyar for this useful information and hope he will continue to share with us similar information which we can circulate advantageously for the benefit of all.

Today, acidity is a world wide problem causing all sorts of uneasiness and trouble in the life of people. Some of the major causes are as follows:-
•Diets which are very refined and contain less quantity of fibers are culprit in causing acidity.
•Stress and anxiety plays as another main factor in causing acidity.
•Consumption of excess of alcohol also effects the stomach linings that causes acidity
•Smoking also causes in damaging of stomach lining that leads to acidity.
•Consumption of spicy food, junk food, over eating, eating more oily items, and eating hurriedly, skipping breakfast, meals etc also causes acidity.

Of all the ayurvedic preparations as a remedy for Acidity, Gulkand is one of the most delicious one, made out of selected rose petals with sugar or jaggery added to it.. Some preparations of this irresistible Rosy treat also contain many rejuvenating herbs blended in the right proportion for added health benefits of the users.

Gulkand has been traditionally used as a cooling tonic to fight fatigue, lethary, muscular aches, biliousness, itching, and heat-related conditions. It is good for memory and eyesight as well as a good blood purifier. It is also rich in calcium and has antioxidant properties. It can be used year-round by persons of all constitutions, especially Vata and Pitta. Indian Ayurvedic doctors, use it combined with other specific herbs for several types of cancer patients undergoing radiation or chemotherapies to counter the ill effects of these therapies.

The National Institute of Ayurvedic Medicine provide a list of the benefits obtained by consuming Gulkand on a regular basis. Many of the benefits cited below are the recommendations of NIAM.

  • It reduces hyper-acidity due to its cooling nature. Hence it can be used in treatment of gastric and duodenal ulcers. It helps strengthen the digestive system.
  • It helps in increasing urine output and hence may be given to the individuals who have problem of water retention.
  • Helps reduce the pain during menstruation and can be used as an aid to treat dysmenorrhoea. It is also helpful as an aid in treating white discharge.
  • It helps facilitate digestion and reduces nausea.
  • It helps to prevent acne and foul body odour.
  • It helps heal mouth ulcers if dissolved in water and gargled. It also helps strengthen teeth and gums..
  • It helps increase virility and hence is described as ‘vrishya’ is ayurveda. It is proved that the essential oil present in the rose flower has aphrodisiac properties. This could be another reason why rose is associated with love.
  • Rose has conducive effect on heart and hence can be given to patients suffering from various cardiac problems as ‘anupan’ with various other drugs. Gulkand acts as a catalyst and facilitates effective uptake of these  medicines by the body and thus help control various heart ailments like palpitation, arrhythmia and hypertension or high blood pressure.
  • It can be used effectively to combat epistaxis (bleeding through the nose) which occurs in some children during warm season.
  • It helps reduce the burning sensation of palms and sole.
  • It helps reduce stress as it has calming effect on the nervous system.
  • If consumed in small amount it helps reduce the frequency of motions but acts as a laxative if taken in large quantities. Hence it can be used to treat both loose motions as well as constipation.
  • Other substances added in it like corals or pearls are good sources of calcium and help strengthen the bones. Small quantities of silver is also added which is potent metal to increase the intellectual capacity.
  • It can be used to reduce side effects of allopathic drugs such as antibiotics, anticancer drugs etc.

The above benefits are experienced only if gulkand is consumed in a dose of 10-12 grams a day on a regular basis. The beauty of this formulation is that it is very tasty and versatile. It can be eaten as it is or with a glass of milk. It can be used to make sweet meats, milk shakes or used as a filling for cakes and pastries. You will not have to run behind the children to give them their morning dose of this refreshing summer tonic.Chances are that they will be pestering you to give them some more of it.

Only contradiction for this formulation is that people suffering from diabetes need to avoid it. Also obese people may consume this in reduced quantity.

As all know, flowers are the loveliest objects on earth. Amongst them Rose is the Queen. Rose has been used in rituals by all castes and creeds for centuries. It is used as a motif in architecture, in jewelery, pottery and embroidery. Now rose is used as a medicine for acidity and many other illness.

A small name but, solving big problems.

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  1. if sugar is use in the preperation of gulkand then how it reduce the body heat after its consumption, as sugar is produces energy.

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