All about homogenisation and toning of Milk

All about homogenisation and toning of Milk

These are most common terms mentioned on the milk packets available now. Many confuse it with low fat milk.

Basically a layer of cream forms on the surface of milk on which the quality of milk can be judged.Since milk is an oil and water combination, it doesn’t stay mixed. Homogenized milk is run through tiny tubes, sometimes during the pasteurization process to keep fat and liquid molecules together. Fat molecules are reduced in size and tend to disperse more evenly throughout the milk so that creaming on the top of milk doesn’t occur.

Homogenization helps to deal with side effects of pasteurization which involved the formation of a layer with dead cells and bacteria.

Homogenized milk has many advantages:

· Uniform distribution of fat, no cream layer
· Full-bodied flavour
· Whiter, more appetizing colour.

But the fat contents remains the same or the homogenization should be done with milk of 2% fat.

Next is Toned Milk. Toning can be defined as the addition of th constituted skimmed milk to whole buffalo milk so as to reduce the fat to 3%. Hence its nutritive value is similar to that fresh cows milk. Double toned milk is prepared by mixing cows milk or buffalo milk with fresh skimmed milk or skimmed milk reconstituted from skimmed milk powder so that the fat content is not less than 1.5%. Its nutritive value is similar to toned milk but is lesser in fat and Vitamin A. Vitamin A has to be fortified.

These are a few methods that will provide variants in taste and colour and have the advantage of being pasteurized. Its one’s personal choice of what kind of milk they want to consume.

Having fresh milk from which the cream has been skimmed off from the top on boiling is a better option or consuming low fat milk is the best option where the milk has not gone through to many chemical processes and will lower the cholesterol consumption.

Sanjana M Shenoy is a A dietitian from Mangalore, Karnataka, India. Having worked as a Dietitian for the Manipal Group of Hospitals namely KMC hospital Mangalore, India. She is also a consultant for corporate's like Infosys and others, conducting talks and presentations for various associations and local television shows. She consults at her Diet and Nutrition clinic "Nutrihealth" in Mangalore. Also is a visiting consultant to various hospitals in and around Mangalore and also runs an active online consultation.

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  1. Sanjana,

    Thank you a bunch for answering my earlier question.

    Now I have question regarding homogenization and pasteurization. The chiropractor (who also acts as a nutrition therapist) I am consulting also recommends drinking raw milk. According to him there were no heart diseases prior to pasteurization, also pasteurization kills the nutrients present in the milk. I am skeptic of drinking raw milk although we can buy it from a farm where sanitation is guaranteed. Do you think that pasteurized milk has any influence on inreasing cholesterol or any type of heart disease? The chiropractor also recommends eating raw organic eggs (from free range chicken). His hypothesis is eating raw eggs will not increase my cholestrol as boiling transforms the ingredients in the egg into bad nutrients. I am skeptical of that point too. He bases his thoughts with ancient human beings used to live longer eating raw food, milk and poultry products. Somehow its difficult for me to stomach these facts.


  2. Vic,

    I don’t believe it at all. You really need to ask your advisor’s credentials and also his qualifications.It is not possible to guarantee disease free milk as it comes from an animal. There are new techniques of pasteurization such as flash methods in which the milk is heated in seconds. Yes there will be changes in composition but not drastic changes.The fat content of milk remains the same before and after heating. The fat content is the culprit for heart diseases so raw milk will do no good.

    Switch over to low fat pasteurized milk. Remember we boil milk at a temperature where the organisms die, not the nutrients.

    Raw eggs surfaces can contain salmonella bacteria which are harmful. Organic food also have chemicals added for preservation in limited quantities compared to non organic ones which have no proper standardization for addition of chemicals. An organic chicken farm may have hens being fed with organic feeds but are not laying eggs organically right. They lay eggs the same way that nature intends them to do so that’s where the bacteria come.

    Talking about raw food, we humans do not have the teeth to tear the meat. Our body cannot digest raw meat. We do not have the right enzymes for it.

  3. I have kid of 3 yrs old I want to know how to use the
    amul homogenised standardised milk available in the market Wheather it is to be boiled and how long i can store in the fridge after packet is opened….

    thank U

  4. Dear Bhuvana- Amul std. milk could be given to the children after diluting(1/2) with boiled water to reduce fat/snf contents(<1.5 %),as it is homogned the curd tension is lowered & could be digested easily.Amul milk need not to be boiled again. Can be stored in sterilised bottle. In freeze it can be stored 48 hours but depend on the surroundings(contamination)in the freeze.if it remains in pack it is best.

  5. hi i used to drink pasturized double toned milk every morning without boiling it.
    is it good to drink pasturized milk or pasturized double toned milk ,and without boiling can we drink it.

  6. Hi Dinakar,

    Do not get confused by the terms used. If the milk is tetra packed and says no need to boil, then its safe to use with out boiling. All milk sold are pasteurized so as to prevent any bacterial contamination. So it is safe to consume, but on the safer side it is better to boil well once.

  7. hi sanjana, we buy milk from saras dairy which comes in polyutherene pouches. sometimes we buy toned, sometimes double toned. (whichever is easily available). i am planning to switch to 99.7% fat free tetrapack milk. considering the price factor, is it worth switching?

  8. We use Packed milk like Mother dairy or Amul at home. But now a days we can not be sure if its pure or synthetic milk mixed with it. How to chose a milk thats 100% original milk.

  9. Dear Sanjana,
    My 5 yrs old daughter regularly used to have Amul moti milk (homegenised) for last, say, 6months or more. Last week I observed white patch on her right cheek, which after a searching process made me conclude it as pityriasis alba. Today my dad expressed a doubt , could that be due to any sort of chemical reaction caused by the milk we give her. So my question is does this homegenised or toned milk ever causes any side effects or reactions to the body.

  10. Hi Prathibha,

    I dont think milk can cause skin allergies.The best way to test whether toned milk is the cause is to stop the intake for sometime and then restart to check for any reaction. This is called an elimination test. Try and let me know.

  11. can i have homogenised standardised milk in pregnancy…?? i hope its not raw and is treated for bacterias

  12. I need to know that toned milk is helpful for deiting?????i used to drink double toned milk,, is it good for health.. pls mention the health it good to drink pasturized milk or pasturized double toned milk ,and without boiling can we drink it.This question should be asked to a dairy technologist…They will know the right answer.

  13. I have a baby girl of 5 months old she is not drinking the nestle nan pro 1 milk powder so i tried the vijaya toned milk to consume she is consuming is this a correct milk to give to mu baby girl please give good suggestion is what to give her

  14. Raw Milk is the best source of milk. Modern milk that is pasteurized and homogenized dosen’t have much value and in some creates lactose intolerance. I have been taking raw milk forever and have no problems whatsoever. The myth promoted by the food industry to pasteurize milk is to serve their own benefit as it increases the shelf life and helps them to transport it. To clear your misconception about milk, please read the work of Dr Weston Price and or read the book The Untold Story of Milk. Raw Milk is nature’s perfect food.

  15. Hi VP
    I am actually reading the book by Weston Price. I totally agree with you but in India the question arises of the hygienic conditions. So that’s why pasteurization has become necessary. But if good dairy farming practices are implemented I am sure we can enjoy raw milk.

  16. I started using Amul Taaza Homogenised Toned Milk. Please tell me whether this is a real/fresh milk or a made from milk powder. And also clearify what is the difference between this milk and fresh cow milk which we used to buy from local milk man daily.

  17. Hello Ma’am,
    My daughter is 1 year old. As we are staying in Chennai so it’s very difficult for us to find amul or mother dairy cow milk. So can we use amul gold homogenised tetra pack? it will be good for baby health and do I need to dilute it?

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