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    December 30, 2010


    It is a condition in which the stomach produces too much of acid or certain foods fermenting in the stomach leave too much of an an acid residue. The usual symptoms are heart burn, belching and pain in the upper abdomen. Now a days stomach acidity is too common

    Raw juice Therapy.

    1. The juice of emblic myrobalan (amalika) is a very efficacious remedy for acidity. It is to be taken before meals.

    2. The juice of chebulic myrobalan (Haritaki) if taken after principal meals reduces acidity in the stomach and cures it permanently.

    3. Two or three cloves of garlic should be chewed daily in the morning.

    4. Half ripe tomatoes are very useful in acidity.

    5. Ripe Papaya fruit and ripe marmelos fruit are also very helpful.

    6. A few drinks of lemon juice will certainly give prompt relief (4/5 times )

    7. Small pieces of onion taken with half-formed sweet curd and sugar relieves burning of the throat and chest area due to acidity.

    8. The infusion of coriander seeds (dhania ) taken with sugar relieves acidity.

    These are the tips for acidity from a well known Herbalist.

    • vivek alva
      January 12, 2011

      no need to worry about acidity now. just take two table spoon of “MADIPHALA RASAYANAM” Twice a day, adn get a 100 % relaxation within a week, But dont forget to thank me.

  2. Tanvim
    January 9, 2012

    Wonderful information.

  3. Sourav
    January 10, 2012

    I have suffered this for long time and i feel that drinking lot of water will worsen your condition for sure. You should take something that can absorb extra amount of acid that is produced in you stomach and has alkaline affect, like Cottage cheese.
    Dont go for anything that is sour in taste.It would make you pay if you have frequest chest burns or reflux.Even sour apple would be harmful.

    3 things you must do if you suffer from hyper acidity regularly :
    1. Dont eat half cooked/ bland food.
    2. Dont smoke
    3. Sleep in time

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