June 2008 – 5 Burning Questions

June 2008 – 5 Burning Questions

Alrighty then, recently on our Q&A Section we had lots of questions about health, Nutrition, Diet and things associated with Diets. And most of the questions were the same or related to one another, so we have categorized them and have come out with the ” 5 Burning Questions“. This section will have the answers to those commonly asked questions .

Here comes the first Burning Question

Can you tell me a diet to reduce my abdomen fat?

This is the most common question that I am asked. This is a wrong notion, and sad advertisements which give wrong information making people think that there are magical aides to lose weight. Weight loss is an overall change in the diet.It is not possible to go through spot reduction through diet. A good exercise regimen and a sensible diet can help in the long run.Do not believe in any hoaxes about eating a certain food and losing weight at a specific area.

Sauna belts and anti cellulite gels are all just gimmicks to attract customers.They look very easy on television but in real life they do not work. Yes certain oil massages do help in better circulation and prevent fat deposits. But this is only possible through a good lifestyle.

Work out and reap the benefits.

Does Lime juice with Honey make you lose weight?

There is this wrong concept and rumor, that “Lime Juice with Honey” makes you lose weight. This is a wrong conception, which says that it helps in burning fat, Mobilising fat which is all a myth.

Lime juice is a very rich source of vitamin C which helps in boosting the imunity and is a “liver Detoxifier
while “Honey” is a better form of sugar, which provides many Vitamins & Minerals and is an energy booster. which keeps us active throughout by enhancing our work performance therby resulting in calorie burn.

Start your day with lime juice with warm water and a teaspoon of honey in it and see how you move through your day charged well.

Burning question: Will I get Diabetes if I eat sugar?

Now this has been debatable question for many decades. All I can say it may or may not trigger diabetes.

Sugar is nothing bur refined carbohydrate which does not provide nutritionally any nutrients other than energy. Just by the intake of sugar one cannot get diabetic. It involves a lot of factors such as genes, lack of physical activity, high intake of refined foods, use of steroids etc to get diabetic.

But high intake of sugar is not recommended as this results in the increase in caloric intake and leads to weight gain. Obesity too can trigger impaired glucose tolerance and result in Diabetes. An overall lifestyle modification is necesary to prevent Diabetes.

4th Burning Question-  Why is fat passed down from one generation to another? I am fat because all are fat in the family?

Now this is the most common thing I keep hearing. Blaming family members is something which most of my patients do. This is the the most common question that I am asked by patients. It is easy to blame the genes. Many think they inherit their fat reserves from their parents or family, thinking that just like property, fat genes are passed down. This is wrong. Yes studies have shown that genes are very much responsible for triggerring a variety of diseases but genes can be beaten. It has been proved that more than the genes, it is the eating habits that cause obesity. Observe the eating habits of a family. All nibble on the same food and the food timings remain the same from generation to generation. Hence the weight gain and that is why obesity is passes down from generation to generation.

So learn to fight the genes and stay healthy.

5th Burning Question….Can I stop the intake of oil to lose weight?

Now this is totally wrong. If you decrease the oil intake less than 4 tsps per day, constipation can occur. Plus it is an unhealthy way of losing weight. Oils can provide various fatty acis which can be beneficial to health. Hence do not stop the intake of any oil.

Sanjana M Shenoy is a A dietitian from Mangalore, Karnataka, India. Having worked as a Dietitian for the Manipal Group of Hospitals namely KMC hospital Mangalore, India. She is also a consultant for corporate's like Infosys and others, conducting talks and presentations for various associations and local television shows. She consults at her Diet and Nutrition clinic "Nutrihealth" in Mangalore. Also is a visiting consultant to various hospitals in and around Mangalore and also runs an active online consultation.

15 Replies to “June 2008 – 5 Burning Questions”

  1. Oh Goody!!! 🙂 Good work Guys!!! Keep em rollin! Also added you to my RSS feeds. I simply love going through the Q&A Section.. The best nutrition and diet site ever!!!

  2. It indeed is! Especially when you get immediate replies and professional answers! This site will remain the best and it is currently doing very good

  3. Dear Sanjana,

    I found the site quite insightful, wish i had read the article on sauna belt earlier, would hv saved my money spent on one!!,

    I would appreciate if u could advise some nutrihealth tips for women in thier 40’s, especially the nutrients and the vitamin suppliments to be taken.

    thank you,

  4. Hi Sanjana,

    Thanks a lot for all these inputs.. it definitely helps a lot of people who go over by myths and fall into traps…
    If possible can you advise as to how we can have a balanced Indian diet


  5. Thanks Sanjana.. for the prompt reply..That was quick… in case you find some time also let us know the vegetarian/Vegan options also..

  6. hello ma’am….i have to put weight…am very lean..am 21 yrs old n ma weight is 44kg…can u suggest me a diet to put weight.

  7. Hi prathibha, hmmm you didnt tell me your height, so if i assume you are 5ft 2- 5ft 5 then your wieght should be 46- 52 kilos. Add kilos for each inch from 5 ft 2. This weight wont apply for all. This weight is for a small frame person…..

    You need to increase your protein intake.
    Start your breakfast witha high calorie fruit such as grapes, bananas,chickoo etc. with your usual breakfast with an egg white( boiled) and if you are veggie then you can have some sprouts about 30 grams.
    lunch can be same as usual I am not going to increase the intake. But do have a glass of milk/ a cup of curds and some dal for protien.
    If you are a non vegeterian, then some fish/ chicken.
    Evening a handful of nuts such as raisins, almonds and walnuts.
    Dinner same as lunch but you can have some sambar.
    but do not forget to have a glass of milk before going to bed.
    This will increase your protein intake by atleast 20 grams.

    Try and let me know. Dont expect immediate weight increase. It takes time. You may not see any gain, but your stamina and immunity will improve.

  8. Hi Sanjana

    I visited you when you came to my company’s office in Mangalore.
    The site is indeed great.
    Thanks a lot.

    Your genius is surpassed only by your beauty.


  9. Hi!!! Sanjana

    I am 29yrs old married woman. married since the past 4yrs. I gained 18kg in a matter of 2months after marriage. and it has been difficult for me to lose the weight. I am currently 75kg and my height is 5ft 4 and half inch. I have PCOD and uric acid trouble. it gets difficult for me to lose weight due to PCOD and I cannot have a high protein diet due to my high Uric Acid…please suggest me a diet that can help me lose weight. however I must say I do not look like I am 75kg. I look much less… but I have a slight stomach …please help..please also send me a list of foods and fruits that are low in fat and good for me. yes I am a non vegetarian..but I eat vegetables mostly.. thanks…this is the first time I am writing to you…God Bless Keep up the good work…

  10. Hi Sonal,

    For your conditions, it is not necessary to have a high protein diet at all. All you need to follow is a balanced diet and regular exercise to reduce abdominal fat. There are no low fat vegetables and fruits. All of them are equally healthy. Eat at regular intervals and walk regularly to keep weight in check. I will be starting online consultations soon. So you can get in touch with me soon.

  11. my husband was suffering from jaundice. and he took one month rest and now billurbin also in normal range. but every body is telling him that he should not take milk butter milk and even drop of oil also. and even not coconut tambali also . iam little confused what to prepare for him please help me

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