Egg yolk- To eat or not to eat

Egg yolk- To eat or not to eat

egg yolk
egg yolk

This is a debate going on for quite sometime whether the yolk is bad or not. Many diet freaks avoid them like the plague. But I say eat the yolk. It all depends on how many you are eating.

It is not necessary to have cholesterol free diets. We do need some cholesterol. It is produced naturally in the body and forms a basic part of our cells. Cholesterol helps to regulate our hormones, helps us utilize Vitamin D and helps us digest food.

Healthy adults with normal cholesterol levels, who exercise regularly and who follow a low fat, least junk and a healthy high fiber diet can safely eat eggs.

Eggs are rich in choline which is a memory vitamin and also in lutein and zeaxanthin which are antioxidants.

One medium sized egg gives about 180-190 mg of cholesterol and our requirements are below 300 mg/day. Hence it is quite safe to eat an egg daily.

But if you do have a genetic predisposition for high cholesterol levels or are already overweight with high cholesterol levels, then the intake of egg yolks should be reduced to not more than 3 eggs per week.

It is not always cholesterol alone that causes problems. It is the oxygenation
of cholesterol that causes the damage. Oxygenation, or free radical
development, is the process that changes the composition of this
essential nutrient, turning it into a destructive compound. Oxidation
of cholesterol is formed when it is exposed to air. This happens during
the many stages of processing meat, milk, eggs, butter, and cheese
products. Added to this is the means of processing — firing, smoking,
curing, aging, and packaging all contribute further to the oxygenation
of cholesterol-containing foods. Such fast foods as fried chicken,
fish, hamburgers; as well as dried and packaged foods, are some of the
greatest sources of free radicals.

So if you just eat eggs, you cannot end up with high cholesterol problems. But regular intake of egg yolks plus junk food can increase your cholesterol problems.

Children who are active and within the weight for their age and height can be given one egg daily.

Egg whites can trigger allergies in children but not egg yolks, hence if you want to start eggs for your 9 month old baby, first start with a teaspoon of well cooked yolk and then after checking for allergies, progress further with the whole egg.

Eggs are very nutritious so do not omit them. Chuck the junk out of your diet and enjoy the benefits of healthy food.

Sanjana M Shenoy is a A dietitian from Mangalore, Karnataka, India. Having worked as a Dietitian for the Manipal Group of Hospitals namely KMC hospital Mangalore, India. She is also a consultant for corporate's like Infosys and others, conducting talks and presentations for various associations and local television shows. She consults at her Diet and Nutrition clinic "Nutrihealth" in Mangalore. Also is a visiting consultant to various hospitals in and around Mangalore and also runs an active online consultation.

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  1. Thank you for this! What is it with not eating the egg?!! Some sensible advice. It seems people are cutting out the egg as the main contributor to cholesterol levels rather than looking at their WHOLE diet – the poor egg gets slandered!

    Thank you.

  2. Hi Sanjana, I love your articles!!!
    I give one egg everyday to my 1.5 year old baby. But my in-laws are suggesting me to stop it during summer. They say egg will cause lot of heat in the body. Please guide me if I should stop giving egg to my baby during summer?

  3. Hi Hamsika,

    Body heat is mainly due to changes in the requirements of hydration. During summer, it is advised to drink more water. If your drink enough fluids, then there is no question of developing “body heat”.

    An egg per day is great for your toddler.

  4. Dear Sanjana,
    I would like to know that I have high Bp problem and last March I had a minor heart problem I am having one egg everyday. the cardio specialist didn’t object on my food habits but told me to keep away from junk or fried food and quit smoking….. Is an egg a day good or bad for me.


  5. hi Sanjana,

    can I ask advise if its ok if the toddler take two egg yolk per week?or everyday intake?which is the best?thanks

  6. hi sanjana.
    im trying to lose weight now a days..i dnt have any cholestrol issues bt im overweight.i jst want to knw can i eat one boiled egg in morning instead of two egg whites.which option will b healthy for me?

  7. They say that eating too much egg yolk is bad for your health and it contains high cholesterol; most health experts, nutritionist and doctors believe it. Are you one of those people who take time in the kitchen separating the yellow part of the egg from the white part of it? What do you do to egg yolk? Do you throw it away? Do you cook it? Do you think what you believe is true? Do you not know that there are also health myths like this that nobody knows how it started but it has written the bad side of it on every medical and health books and encyclopedia?

    If you separate the yellow part of the egg from the white part before you cook it because you are worried about getting fat or conscious about getting more cholesterol, you are just taking more time for a futile purpose. Your belief about it is actually incorrect. Based on the recent studies and research about egg, the yellow part of it is actually good for our body.

    According to an article written in Muscle and Body magazine, eating whole egg gives more advantages like:

    1. Helps in losing weight
    2. Gives more protein
    3. Since it is high in leutin, zeaxanthin and choline, it lessens the chance of getting cancer
    4. It eliminates macular degeneration

    We do not know where, when, or how it started, and who said that eating egg yolk would make you fat. It became a belief for most people including doctors and nutritionist. They are giving the wrong information and bad mentally to people that it is bad for the health, behind the good benefits it can give to us. Would you eat an egg because of the positive effects it delivers, aside from the fact that it is delicious? Would you eat it because of the benefits it can give or avoid it?

  8. thanks babu..i was really not getting da satisfied answer from u make it v easier for me..GOD bless u 🙂

  9. hi sanjana

    im 25 years old,going to the gym 3 times a week,and part of my diet is eating 4 eggs a day.i already read an article before,that instead of throwing the yellow part of the eggs,it is good to eat them too,because of many other reasons.but i think this is my chance to ask for my case,so in my age,with no cholesterol issue,and not an over it good to eat 4 eggs a day??they say it is rich in protein.thanks again hope you reply on my post.

  10. i intake 3 raw chicken eggs a day, and my jim instructor opposes me by saying that only intake egg albumin (egg white) without egg yolk and he also tells me to eat 8 eggs a day without egg yolk. is he right in saying so

  11. Hi Sanjana!

    i would like to know if it is ok to give raw egg blended in milk to my teenager sons 12 and 15 years.

  12. Hi Sanjana,
    I do 2 hrs weight training and some jogging daily. I’m taking whey protein supplements and i take around 5 egg whites and one egg yolk for breakfast everyday aswell. Is one yolk a day too much fat/cholestrol for adults? Should i just stick to the whites? I have a tendency for fat gain and i only want to gain lean muscle. Thanks in advance for your advice.

  13. Body synthesizes about 1 gm of cholesterol every day for it’s needs.It is controlled by a
    negative feedback mechanism based on cholesterol intake by the person.

    If you consume 200 mg of cholesterol then the body synthesizes around 800 mg.

    So it is better to restrict your dietary cholesterol intake to less than 300 mg/day.

    Eating a whole egg a day is absolutely harmless,when coupled with moderate intensity exercise
    of 30 min to 1 hr at least 5 days a week.

    People with high serum cholesterol(LDL) and triglyceride levels better avoid egg yolks.



  14. hi sanjana,

    i have a question which confusing me a lot..which one is good for health,intake of half-boiled or full boiled egg….wich one can u suggest for my 1 year kid.waiting for ur rply…thanks.

  15. Hi Saranya,

    I suggest full boiled as chilcren of age 1 may be prone to infections. Eggs carry on their shells a bacteria called Salmonella which can be harmful. Hence wash the eggs before use and preferably hard boil the eggs…

  16. Eating raw eggs may contribute to biotin deficiency.

    Egg whites contain AVIDIN,which binds to biotin and
    Prevents its absorption.Avidin is destroyed on cooking.

    So it is better to consume hard boiled eggs to avoid
    Salmonella infection and Biotin deficiency.

  17. hey sanjana, i m 17, and my body temperature stays naturally a lil warmer… i am being told that consumption of eggs can produce a lot of body heat and can also affect on d menstrual cycle and leave u wid pimples.. i actually even found it was true once or twice… had problems in periods… more bleeding and ol.. please suggest if its a myth or true.. thank u

  18. Hi, my name is theja i am 19 years old …..from abt 20 days i am doing exercise in gym pls tell me how many eggs can i eat a day………apart this they told me to eat 4 eggs a day…. Is it essential for me……& and my weight is abt 53 kgs…. Please reply…..

  19. Continued from above comment i have a skin allergy from 3 to 4 months pls consider this and reply for my comment ……..

  20. Hi theja,
    You need to eat adequate protien so that you can gain weight. It is important to eat healthy as well as see that you get the right nutrients. I need to know your daily eating pattern to see what your requirements are. You need to check whether you are allergic to something. consult a dermatologist and rule it out. You can consult me if interested. Please email me at

  21. Hi,
    you are just a teenager, your body is adjusting to all the changes. its very common to get pimples or acne. It is safe to consume an egg every day. Please check ur haemoglobibin levels to see whether you need to increase your iron intake. eat well, exercise and sleep well.

  22. Hey Sanjana,

    I’m 25 yrs old, 6’3, 200lbs, and I work out 5 times a week. I eat between 8 and 12 hard boiled eggs per day. I almost always eat the yolks. My health is great and I feel great. I have not had any heart/cholesterol concerns, but am starting to worry that my egg intake could change that. Should I be worried? Should I start disregarding the yolks? I find so many conflicting stories regarding the yolks. What are your thoughts on this?

    Thank you!,
    James S

  23. Hi James,
    I would say please cut down the intake of yolks as they are rich in cholesterol. 2-3per day is allowed. You may not end up with heart diease at this age but you can be prone to gall bladder diseases.

  24. Hello dear Sanjana,

    I am 23 years old and my weight is 48 kg currently. I know by just looking at myself that probably I am underweight. Please suggest me a few simple tips to gain a healthy look. Genetically I am thin as my mother and aunt had also been thin at my age. But I would like to be healthy so that I do not look frail.

    Thank you in advance, I shall be waiting for your response eagerly

  25. I am vegetarian , how many egg Whitsun can I have in a day.
    I eat three in the morning after workout and have just started two eggs in the it ok I am 35 yes old.and minor asthma form childhood

  26. hey thanks for ur suggestions sanjana..:):).. and yes.. my haemoglobin levels are low and i need to get moe iron..

  27. my baby is 11+ months old. I have started to give her full boiled egg yolks only, but a doctor told me that for babies the smart lipid counts, and iff egg yolks are given daily at this age it can cause a lipid load to the baby liver, please help me out

  28. Hi Sanjana,

    My niece loves eating egg and She will be 2 years old in next week, She usually eats 2 eggs per day as a routine from last 15 days, but I am afraid if this is the right quantity for a 2 year old girl? Kindly sugest me the no. of eggs for her per day or per week.

    Also she has developed a penchant towards eating cashew, I don’t know the number but she definitely eats a lot of them, need your help on the cashew’s quantiy as well.

    Himanshu Sharma

  29. hi sanjana

    i am giving my baby whole egg with milk as a liquide from his 6 month old .now my baby is 8 month plus. is it safe ?

  30. Hello Sanjana:

    I have a toddler who is 2 years old now, since he was a pre-mature baby (29weeks), he is under weight all the time. He is catching up a litte after he turns into 2.
    Therefore, I started giving him whole egg /per day plus other whole grain diet after he is 1 year old. Since he didn’t seeme like eat any meat, so I think his protein intake might not be adequate for his growth. I started to give him 2 whole eggs per day plus, milk, but he normally couldn’t eat the entire whole 2 eggs everyday, I put them into the soup, one in the morning, one in the afternoon. He normally only eats 3/4 of them, so approximately 1.5 whole egg.
    After reading all the article you wrote, I am afraid I might give him too much of protein, could that hurt his liver?

    Thank you for any suggestions.


  31. Hi Sanjana,

    Please let me know what are the side effects in eating the boiled egg yolk. My in-laws and cousins wont eat the egg yolk as they believe that it is not good for health. I would like to know your suggestion

  32. I’ve been eating one egg (raw) with either some fruit juice or flavored water for about a week now. I’ve honestly never felt better; my physical build has increased and my overall energy throughout the day has been nearly ceaseless. As a marine, I am already physically fit and exercise continuously, but as childish as this may seem, is their a way to have my cake and eat it too without creating potential complications to my health? I am mature in most of the things I eat but I’ve got a sweet tooth that is impossible to ignore.

  33. Mam..myself ronit , i m suffering from low pepsin and acid level in my stomach..thus lack of protien in my i wana knw.. Weather i should eat whole egg in day.. After some exercise.. Wht cn i do. Mam.. I m jst feed up from myself

  34. i have eight hard boiled eggs per week (2 every day monday to thursday) i exercise quite regularly and am a 30year old male. is this to many eggs to have in a week or does exercise counter balance this

  35. hi sanjana,whan i ate egg with in 1 or two days iam getting some wound like pimples,and extract of skin around the nose,can u plz tell me how i can overcome this problem

  36. Hi Sanjana, I have a question but first, pls allow me to share with you my eating/workout routine.

    Below are my Monday-Saturday diet & I keep to it strictly:-

    Breakfast – 2 cereal bars (or Oatmeal sometimes).
    Lunch – Chicken breast with generous vege, all boiled and not even a drop of oil is used.
    Tea break – 1 large orange / grapefruit
    Dinner – 2/3 hardboiled eggs
    Snacks – Mixed raw nuts & sun dried raisins (2/3 times in between meal)

    Sunday is a cheat day, where i will take a lil bit more carbo but still low fat/oil meal.

    I do home workout everyday from Monday-Friday (30 mins – 45 mins), 100 push ups + 100 sit ups + few barbell lifting. Used to have high cholesterol (6.2) years before but it was normalised (to 4.2) in last blood test 8 months ago.

    My question is, based on above, is it OK to eat 2/3 egg yolks a day? I dont wish to throw the egg yolk away because I hate to waste food. My height is 178 cm & weigh about 80 kgs (used to be 102 kgs a year ago). As you can see from my diet, I am trying to lose fat but I also wish to prevent muscle loss during the process.

    Hope you can advise, thanks much! 🙂

  37. I had a doubt whether egg yolk can be given to 1 yr baby r nt…this gave me the clarification and cleared my doubts..

  38. hiii,,
    i am a gym worker,,
    i am 18+
    and reguller fo 2 months
    how manny egg i should tack daily…

  39. hair loss , thinning of hair , greying of hair , dandruff is my problem
    plz suggest me what to do and how should i take eggs and also how much

  40. I’m intaking 8 egss yolks per day,,,my body is slim.I want to know that is it good for health or bad??
    Pls ans my Que in my email id …

  41. My Girl is 2 n half yrs old n she eats 2 eggs with yolk daily, is eating yolk daily is good for her health????

  42. I am 35 yr old fat over weight man wanted tp lose weight. I dont do exercise also due to work timing problem.. 🙁

    I thought of start the exercise anyway after lose some weight, otherwise get knee pain usually.

    If I eat egg daily breakfast or lunch, it keeps me full for long time. I usually eat 2 boiled eggs both white and yolk daily.

    Can I continue the same inorder to lose weight ?

    Please advise..

    I think many people like me in the same situation.

  43. Hello Sanjana,
    I need your advice, I am 49 old , 80 kg wt and my recent report says that Iam having variation in thyroid ie.Tsh 19.88 T4 3.91 & T3 is 0.57 where as total cholestrol fasting is 203 mg/dl Triglyceroids 268.6 mg/dl vldl cholestrol 53.72mg/dl cholestrol/hdl ratio is5.3.presently i have not taken any medicine for question is -This escalted values r due to thyroid problem?
    – Can’t be cured with out medicine by changing diet, if so, what must be the diet.
    Shall i take egg? If so howmany per day and yolk or white?

  44. Hello Sanjana,
    I need your advice, I am 49 old and my recent report says that Iam having variation in thyroid ie.Tsh 19.88 T4 3.91 & T3 is 0.57 where as total cholestrol fasting is 203 mg/dl Triglyceroids 268.6 mg/dl vldl cholestrol 53.72mg/dl cholestrol/hdl ratio is5.3.presently i have not taken any medicine for question is -This escalted values r due to thyroid problem?
    – Can’t be cured with out medicine by changing diet, if so, what must be the diet.
    Shall i take egg? If so howmany per day and yolk or white?

  45. Hi,
    i have a problem when i eat an egg i got boils coming to my thigh and hands ….and boils will cure only after 30 days ..any remedy ??

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