Capsicum- A nutritional sizzler….

Capsicum- A nutritional sizzler….

Capsicum or bell peppers are a commonly used veggie in our diet. If you have noticed refrigerator advertisements on television,you may have noticed these veggies being stacked,making them very colorful, and making you decide that this is the product for you.

Although this veggie is not of Indian origin, it is widely accepted in our cuisine. It comes in various colors such as green, yellow and reds. Great to add in salads, stir fries, food decorations etc.

Lets have a look at their nutritional benefits.

Various health benefits

  • Cancer prevention– These peppers add a lot of colour to our diet. They are rich on Vitamin C and Beta carotene, plant form of vitamin A and these are the most important antioxidants. These help to clear the cancer causing substances called as free radicals. These free radicals damage our cells and cause cancers of various kinds.
  • Promotes heart health-The free radicals produced on eating unhealthy also damage our blood vessels and cause atherosclerosis, which is the hardening of the arteries. The antioxidants present in capsicum help to clear these free radicals. They reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases as they provide folic acid and vitamin B6 which prevent the elevation of levels of homocysteine, which is responsible for damage of the blood vessels. Hence helps to prevent heart attacks and stroke.The fiber present also helps to decrease the cholesterol levels as well as triglycerides.
  • Better Eye sight– The Vitamin C present cuts down the risk of cancer. The beta carotene or vitamin A content of red and orange varieties improves eyesight.
  • Helps in weight loss– As the water and fiber content is high in peppers, It helps in weight loss as it increases the metabolic rate and helps in burning calories.
  • Helps fight infections- It improves our immunity and wards of cold, fever and many other infections.
  • Prevents arthritis- It has been studied that diets poor in Vitamin C can increase the risk of arthritis, hence the vitamin C from capsicum helps to prevent arthritis.

Phew!!!! The list can go on. I love having capsicum as a midday snack as juliennes or strips of capsicum pieces. It helps to mimic the feel of french fries or wafers and they are nutritionally great compared to fries or chips.

So do not forget to pack them in your snack box and a salad is never complete with these veggies!!!!!

Sanjana M Shenoy is a A dietitian from Mangalore, Karnataka, India. Having worked as a Dietitian for the Manipal Group of Hospitals namely KMC hospital Mangalore, India. She is also a consultant for corporate's like Infosys and others, conducting talks and presentations for various associations and local television shows. She consults at her Diet and Nutrition clinic "Nutrihealth" in Mangalore. Also is a visiting consultant to various hospitals in and around Mangalore and also runs an active online consultation.

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  1. But is it true that certain Vegies like Capsicum, Ladies Fingers (Okra) , Brinjals, Cabbages etc are very high in pesticides and can cause cancers and Liver problems.

  2. Namaste

    The different colors of Capsicum that are seen in vegetable markets are result of its aging / ripening process.first they are yellow, then red, finally green. Irrespective of its color, they all have same vitamins.

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