Beat Anemia with Date syrup

Beat Anemia with Date syrup

date_syrupMany struggle to bring up their haemoglobin levels to an optimum levels especially women. Anemia is a condition where the red blood cells of our body decrease in number due to lack of iron in the body and the oxygen intake of the body is reduced. Tiredness, breathlessness, higher frequencies of infections, paleness. If not treated, it can be fatal. Nutrition provides a lot of remedies for anemia and dates is one such fruit which can increase the iron levels in the body.Dates contain organic iron which is useful to increase the RBC count. Hence a daily intake of dates can reduce your chances of anemia.

If you do not have the time to eat dates, you can add a teaspoon of dates syrup in a warm glass of milk and drink it up before going to bed. The syrup can be added in white oats porridge and also on pancakes.

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