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  1. Sivaram
    April 20, 2009

    Madam, can you give complete details about how to use Beetroot in Diabetic and BP Patients. This will be useful to all patients. As you are well educated we can get quality advice.

  2. Janak
    August 18, 2009

    Hi Sanjana

    Read your few articles on health and they are informative and keep up the good work for the community.

    • Sanjana Shenoy
      Sanjana – Dietitian
      August 18, 2009

      Gee thanks, Janak

  3. Siva Ram
    August 19, 2009

    Thank you madem for your clarification to include beetroot in my diet. I also learned about Roots, Bulbs and Tubers. Thank you very much

  4. BELLA
    September 30, 2010


  5. divyasarika
    January 29, 2011

    diabetic patient can eat beet root ..i suggest my grand ma take beetroot .she is sufferring from diabetics anemia,& ulcer

  6. Kamala
    April 9, 2011

    Read ur article abt roots and bulbs and cubers.My doubts abt eating all root vegetables is cleared.Thanks.

  7. prakruthi
    November 2, 2011

    can i know the glycemic index of all vegetables.is that good to have for diabetes

  8. aproop kumar
    December 12, 2011

    thank u madam ur article is good

  9. mahipal shekhawat
    January 23, 2012

    my wife is having diabetes ranging between 250n 300 randomly ,can she take carrot juice n pl give a diet plan so that she can live freely .which is the best medicine for her n she is fond of eating rice.can she eat rice.

    eagrly waiting for ur answer

  10. vamshi
    January 29, 2012


    Rice is having more Carbs, so rice is not at all suggestable for Diabetic Patients. you can give your wife below diet:

    Bitter Gourd, Collard Greens, Brocoli, Avacados, Lettuce, Pomogranites.

    If she cant satisfy at all without taking Rice, then Brown Rice is suggestable(if mandatory only).

    Please avoid wheat(Chapathi)/white rice/basmati/any rice except Brown Rice is suggestable(if mandatory only).

  11. B M Kolki
    February 16, 2012

    On 20-01-2012 my blood report is Fasting:120 & PP:150. I am taking Janumet 50/500
    Can you suggest me which are the foods I can take daily

  12. seema
    February 27, 2012

    thanx madam now i will start to give beetroot and carrot in a small portion to my husband and mom

  13. Suhas
    February 29, 2012

    Hi Sanjana,

    Could you please send me the list of foods shall be taken for diiabetic person on regular basis?

  14. sanika.damushte
    March 26, 2012

    Could you please send me the list of foods shall be taken for diiabetic person on regular basis?

  15. viv
    November 21, 2012

    hi can you please help i am 65 years old and diabetic and have gout and artheritis and suffur a lot of my knee and i dont know sometimes what to eat and feel lost please help me

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