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Healthy Hair Diet

If dry, limp hair is weighing you down, then this diet is for you. Did you know that what you eat is reflected in the health of your hair? All of the hair-revitalizing shampoos in the world won’t help if you aren’t nourishing your body. Here’s how the Healthy Hair Diet can help: Just like […]

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Eating at night = weight gain: Myth or fact?

Eating at night = weight gain: Myth or fact?

The important fact of metabolism is that our bodies do not stop working, even when we are sleeping! Hearts are beating, blood is circulating, lungs are functioning and brains are even working. This all takes energy — meaning we are still burning calories. There is no magic time after which the body stores fat. For […]

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Go Nuts on Your Diet!

Peanuts, almonds and more are good — and good for you Several studies over the past several years have shown the health benefits of nuts — which contain monounsaturated fat, vitamin E, folic acid, magnesium,copper, protein, and fiber, and are rich in antioxidant phytochemicals. They’ve also been shown to play an important role in helping […]

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“Are you clogging your Arteries?”

Trans fats are also known as hydrogenated fats. They are made by adding hydrogen to liquid vegetable oil under pressure. This results in a stiffer fat, a fat which is hard at room temperature. For example, vanaspati is a trans fat. They are artificial, they are man-made. All the trans fats are essentially artificial, How […]

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Drink to Your Health . . . With Water! Mother Nature’s Healthy “Cocktail”

Simple water — when it’s pure and free of contaminants — is truly a “wonder drug.” Without chemicals, additives, or anything unnatural, a steady dose a steady dose of 8 glasses of water a day will.. improve Your Energy Increase Your Mental and Physical Performance-keep Skin Healthy and Glowing Help You Lose Weight Digestion Water […]

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