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Health benefits of Pears

Pears have always been around and come in different shapes and sizes. Pears have a lovely, crunchy feel and are considered as a healthy snack. It has numerous health benefits and is frequently used in various cuisines. It is used in salads and desserts widely. Lets have a look at its health benefits. Benefits of […]

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Health benefits of Kiwi Fruit

New Zealand is not only famous for its cricket team, but also for the Star of the Fruits, Kiwi fruit. Its vibrant green color is so appealing, whilst its health benefits are even more appealing. The whole fruit along with its seeds and skin is edible and tasty. Lets peruse through the benefits it has […]

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cook with bok choy

Cook with Bok Choy

Bok choy is a wonderful vegetable to be added to various recipes. We have seen its benefits in the article So lets have a look at the recipes Bok choy soup Servings- 1 Ingredients bok choy– 50g washed and cut longitudinally low sodium soy sauce- 1 tsp chicken stock- 1-2 cups chopped garlic- one […]

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health benefits of bok choy

Health Benefits of Bok Choy

The latest addition to my vegetable section in my refrigerator is bok choy. I just could not resist the vibrant green color and I had to try it out. Although it is part of the chinese cuisine, it can still be used in Indian cooking and has lot of health benefits. It belongs to the […]

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Tips to choose a healthy breakfast cereal

My usual weekly trip to the supermarket made me realize the wide choice of breakfast cereals displayed on aisles. It is such a wonderful, attractive display and innumerable choices of flavours, tastes, combinations etc to choose from. How can we forget the “claims” such as lose weight in two weeks, reduce cholesterol, get smarter with […]

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