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Benefits of using Whey Protein

Benefits of using Whey Protein

wheyproteinMuscle gain is always synonymous with protein intake. The supplement market has cashed on this and have developed a string of protein supplements and brands. One of these supplements are Whey protein supplements,which have gained a lot of importance, one for being the most pure protein supplements available.

Whey has been isolated from milk from which three forms have been generated such as

  • Whey protein isolate- This is the purest form and is easiest to digest and has over 100% availability to the body but is very expensive.
  • Whey protein concentrate– This has fats and lactose ie milk sugar and least expensive.
  • Whey protein blends- It has both isolates and concentrates and moderately priced.

Whey protein isolates and blends are most commonly.

Benefits of whey protein

  • Aids in weight loss
  • Helps in gaining lean muscle
  • Improves immunity
  • Fuels your workout
  • Improves your metabolic rate

Who should use Whey Protein?

All athletes, those who work out regularly and men and women alike can use it. Firstly, check with a dietitian who can advise you on your protein intake as you should not go over board with protein as it can have detrimental effects.

For body builders and athletes, over 2 scoops can be taken which gives about 48grams of proteins. (1 scoop gives 24g of protein) but for those who are on weight loss plans, regular fitness plans etc can have it post weight training or as meal replacement as one scoop with plain water provides 130Kcal.

Adding fruits, coconut water, black coffee, skimmed milk, nut butters can make yummy smoothies. My personal favorites are banana with chocolate flavored whey and strawberries with vanilla flavors.

Who should avoid whey protein?

  • Those with kidney or liver problems.
  • Lactose intolerant people

Watch out for artificial sweeteners or excessively added sugars too as this can pack on calories. But remember that whey protein is a supplement not the only source of protein. Eat other sources of protein to meet your requirements too.

Make way for whey and get its benefits for attaining a healthy body and better life style.

How Meditation can help you lose weight fast

How Meditation can help you lose weight fast


Are you familiar with the saying “it’s all in the mind.”? Did you ever think that this saying is also applicable in terms of weight loss? Yes! Weight loss is not just about exercising, eating less, following weight loss plans and the like. It can also be about meditation. In fact, meditation is considered to be one of the best methods that will help you to take control of your own self.

Meditation is an activity that changes you inside and out. Once you get into the practice of meditation, no one will have to twist your arm just to make you live a healthy lifestyle, Because this will become a natural choice for you! Although you won’t burn many calories while you are undergoing a typical meditation
session, meditation may be one of the most important practices you will do in your effort to lose some weight.

You see, the power of mind is one of the most powerful forces that will drive you towards your weight loss journey. In practicing any weight loss plan that is designed to help you manifest your weight
loss goal, it is important to remember to always be positive. It is true that losing weight is generally more about physical activities however all of our actions begin in our minds. Here are a few
meditation tips that you can use as you try to lose weight.

Meditation for weight loss

In meditating for weight loss, you should pick a time and place wherein you wouldn’t be interrupted. Put on some on some soft instrumental music or nature sounds CD as background music. Keep the
volume low, just enough to block some distracting noise.

As you use meditation in your weight loss diet plan, it would be best if you would imagine yourself slim and healthy as you walk along your favorite spot such as beach or park. See your slim and beautiful reflection as you pass shop windows along the way. Feel how much energetic and lighter your body feels. And most importantly, feel that skip in your step once again and always think positive! As you use meditation in your weight loss diet plan, it would be best if you would imagine yourself slim and healthy as you walk along your favorite spot such as beach or park. See your slim and beautiful reflection as you pass shop windows along the way. Feel how much
energetic and lighter your body feels. And most importantly, feel that skip in your step once again and always think positive!

Try to meditate every day if possible. In fact, According to the book “Meditating to Attain a Healthy Body Weight,” by Lawrence LeShan, Ph.D, you should meditate at least five days a week, for about 15
minutes at a time. Do it consistently for at least six weeks to gain better understanding of your body and your connection to foods and your weight.

Successful meditation is often categorized into three things and these are: good posture, learning to breathe and attitude. If you do not know how to relax and enjoy quiet time, then meditating might not be the thing for you. You also need to learn how to focus. If you spend your 30-minute meditation time daydreaming about a holiday at the beach then this won’t do much for your weight-loss efforts.


Improve your Gym workout

Improve your Gym workout

workoutAlright you have joined a gym and expect to get the best out of exercising. I hear a lot of members agonising about making it to the gym on a daily basis. Some complain that they do not see any difference. So how can we  make your workout much more effective!!! Let us have a look at a few pointers.

  • Eat enough– Yes, very low calorie diets do not provide enough energy  for that rigorous one hour cardio and for those muscles. Get your calorie requirements planned by a dietitian and eat on regular times,
  • Hydrate well– Drinking water only at the gym is not enough. You have to drink through out the day and over a liter while working out. This prevents fatigue, dizziness and dehydration.
  • Pre-exercise and Post exercise snack– Eating healthy carbs before and after is very important and definitely adding protein to these snacks can help. Healthy snacks can be milk, whey protein smoothies, yogurt, fruits etc.
  • Pre-planning– Yes, like how you decide when to eat and shop, plan your workouts. If you do go to a gym where they make exercise plans, then it is easy.
  • Keep your gym wear closer– Packing your gym bag helps to reach to your workout on time and cut back on missed workouts. The cozy couch always beckons when you reach home!!! So pack up those shoes and slacks before hand.
  • Get a trainer– The next best thing to joining a gym. They push you towards your goals and make your workouts much more effective and prevent any injuries. Check for credentials and references before you choose one.
  • Buy an Ipod– Chatting with the person on the next treadmill can slow you down. Concentrating on the workout can prevent injuries as well as ensure a consistent calorie burn. Put on the earplugs, shut out others’ grunts and groans and exercise away.
  • Get a buddy– Working out with someone with the same goals help as they do not demotivate you.
  • Buy good gym wear– Its all about style. Wearing good gear can be very motivating and aiming to wear good gear too can get you there.

Get off the couch and get going to the gym and make the most of it.


When should you eat after exercise?

When should you eat after exercise?

This is  a question that everyone has in mind. When should I eat after exercising?
After finishing a workout, your metabolic rate is elevated, and it can stay elevated for some time. With out getting too technical, this metabolic after-burn is called excess post-exercise oxygen consumption (EPOC), and is characterized by a high usage of stored fat as fuel. Exercise has used up the fuel circulating in your blood, and some of your stored glucose, so you are now accessing stored fats. well done.

To keep the ball rolling and to continue to use stored fat after you’ve finished exercising, delay your eating. Try to avoid consuming anything but water from 30-60 minutes after you have finished training. As soon as you consume any food or drink containing kilojoules, that food will jump back to the top of the fuel-burning hierarchy, and your body will stop utilizing stored fuel as fat.

Calories burnt during stair climbing

Calories burnt during stair climbing


Climbing stairs is a great way of burning calories. Get on the stepper at the gym or you can just go to a stadium and climb for 30 minutes. Great for cardio, so a stronger heart, well toned legs and glutes.

If you cant spend 30 minutes at stretch, then try to accumulate several minutes over the course of the day at your work place, at the mall or in your apartment.

30 minutes of stair climbing=216 calories burnt(according to a pedometer). Wow!! I did not know I was burning so much daily. Its great news for me.