Diabetes Diet Myths Decoded

Meeting diabetic patients on a regular basis, has made me aware of all the diet mistakes they commit. Although diabetic diet is not a very special diet, there are still a lot of confusions regarding rice, banana, milk etc. Medical professionals too give incorrect advise on the diets to be followed. This has left a […]

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Diet to treat Infertility and boost fertility

Infertility has become a rampant problem after obesity and other. Several patients referred to me by obstetricians and gynecologists are those undergoing treatment for infertility. Recent studies show that poor diet and lifestyles have a very high impact on infertility.Infertility can be a troublesome and upsetting experience. Reasons for infertility: Poor eating habits resulting in […]

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How to lose weight on Weekends…

The most common question my clients ask is, “Can I go easy on the weekend and eat a bit more?” or “Do I need to follow the diet on a weekend?”. Now that got me thinking why some of my clients are unable to keep up with the diet plans consistently and see very slow […]

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Heart attack

How to know if you are going to have a Heart Attack

Owing to the drastic change in lifestyle heart attack has become more common in the technological era. Yet most of us fail to identify the symptoms when heart attack strikes. Family history of heart problems makes one more susceptible to heart attacks. ‘Adding fuel to fire’, erratic eating and sleeping patterns, consumption of junk foods, […]

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Foods that affect your sleep

“Oh! I am so tired, I didn’t sleep well last night. I don’t even remember when was it last time that I slept like a log.” Are you unable to get a goodnight’s sleep? You are not the only one, there are many others who find it difficult to get a sound and fitful sleep. […]

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Common cold pic

Home made remedies for common cold

Come winters common cold is common in almost every household. The presence of viruses which become active with the onset of winter triggers running of the nose and a host of other respiratory diseases. Cold often always begins with the nose, but slowly starts affecting the whole body. The symptoms include running nose, sneezing, sore throat, chills, fever, headache and […]

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Health benefits of Pears

Pears have always been around and come in different shapes and sizes. Pears have a lovely, crunchy feel and are considered as a healthy snack. It has numerous health benefits and is frequently used in various cuisines. It is used in salads and desserts widely. Lets have a look at its health benefits. Benefits of […]

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SPROUTS – A Storehouse of Neutraceuticals

Sprouting is a process of germinating seeds in which a tiny shoot arises from the seed. Homemade sprouts are a common way of having fresh vegetables either in the raw or cooked form. A neutraceutical is a food product that provides immense health and medical benefits. Sprouts are indeed a storehouse of health benefits. The […]

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eating vegetables

Three Healthy Foods You Should Eat Everyday

Life on earth, especially for humans, requires that we consume a lot of food, so much food in fact that the average person will consume between 60,000 and 100,000lbs in their lifetime! Most of that food should be healthy but some of it really isn’t and having the wrong foods in our diet can lead […]

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